Friday, June 27, 2014

Elusive Madam Peace (First try at poetry)

As a human I walked the Earth -
The 'precious' Earth full of pain and misery.
Oh I was not well-off
Life didn't go on smoothly.
Every day was a war
And I a soldier struggling to survive.
Pain and misery hardened my body
But alas! It also broke my soul.
My mind was full of chaos,
I had nowhere to go; Peace was my only hope.
I waited for it like a thirsty man
I knew peace was my glass of water.
I knew it was something I couldn't buy
Nor would it fall from the sky.
I knew I would find it, peace is sweet.
I knew it shall make my life complete.
I waited and waited, but I never found it,
Until now. I now lie buried, deep in the Earth
In a deep sleep better than ever
And I have now found 
The 'elusive-on-Earth' Madam peace.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The best way to bunk classes suggested by Hrishi

While walking down my memory lane,I am remembered of an incidence of the time when I was in std 5th.
                                 All this started when we were talking to our SST teacher-Mrs Soma.She was a cheerful teacher.She used to share her problems with us.One day,she told us that she had to decorate the school bulletin board.But she needed two more children for help.My friend Hrishi and I felt bored in the class as the syllabus was finished.We said her,"We are ready to help,Miss."
                                                                    She thanked us and till two days from after that day we used to go after the recess with one bhaiya and one didi to the school bulletin board.We decorated it on the theme 'Christmas'.Hrishi seemed to enjoy the work.This thought of mine was assured when the work was finished and we again started to attend the classes.The first day when we started attending the classes Hrishi asked Mrs Soma,"Miss,is any more bulletin board left to decorate?"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are only pens needed for studying?

This is the incidence of the time when I was studying in std.5th at St.Karen's Sec School situated at Patna.I was the topper of the class.I was the favourite of all my teachers.
                                                                                          Once upon a time,in the science period,my viva was being held.I was at roll 61.My teacher's name was Sunanda Bakshi.We always used to crack jokes with her.When it was the time of my viva,I went smiling to her.She said in a joking sense to all the students,"See.See,so happily he is coming for the viva.It seems he's with full preparation."
                                                                                                                                     I proved true to her feeling about me.I was with full preparation.I did get full marks.I used to sit on the bench just in front of the teachers desk with my friend Hrishi.We used to look at the movement of the pen,and guess the marks written by Sunanda Miss.We were right most of the time.
                                                                     Once,we were guessing the marks when she said,"How do you come to know all the marks?"We told her the way.She exclaimed with a smile on her face,"They don't need books and copies to study.They just need pens."