Friday, June 27, 2014

Elusive Madam Peace (First try at poetry)

As a human I walked the Earth -
The 'precious' Earth full of pain and misery.
Oh I was not well-off
Life didn't go on smoothly.
Every day was a war
And I a soldier struggling to survive.
Pain and misery hardened my body
But alas! It also broke my soul.
My mind was full of chaos,
I had nowhere to go; Peace was my only hope.
I waited for it like a thirsty man
I knew peace was my glass of water.
I knew it was something I couldn't buy
Nor would it fall from the sky.
I knew I would find it, peace is sweet.
I knew it shall make my life complete.
I waited and waited, but I never found it,
Until now. I now lie buried, deep in the Earth
In a deep sleep better than ever
And I have now found 
The 'elusive-on-Earth' Madam peace.

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